Fenerbahce outplays Rabita to score speedy away win in Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan, February 22, 2012. Last year’s bronze medalists of Fenerbahce Universal ISTANBUL somehow shocked Azerbaijan’s Volleyball family this afternoon at “Sarhadchi Olympic Centre” by downing the 2011 club world champions of Rabita BAKU in straight sets (25-13, 26-24, and 25-19) in the first round of action for the 1/4 finals of the 2012 CEV Volleyball Champions League – Women.
Fenerbahce opened with strong services provided by US American Logan Tom and even though Rabita gradually found momentum, still the first set was sealed with a massive 25-13 by the guests from Turkey. Rabita’s reception was not consistent also in set 2 and even though the Serbian duo composed by Sanja Starovic and Mira Golubovic did their best in order to re-group their side, still Fenerbahce dominated the scene mainly via the spikes of Korean Kim Yeon-Koung. That same trend was maintained also in set 3 and Fenerbahce could eventually celebrate a great away win, while Rabita will have to turn the tables around next week at “Burhan Felek” Volleyball Hall to qualify for the final four that is scheduled for late March in Baku.

“We played poorly and we did not expect such a result” says home captain Natalya Mammadova. “But this is Volleyball and it can happen. However, we want to deliver a good performance next week also to the delight of our many fans” she adds. “We did not play at all while Fenerbahce did a good job in service and reception” stresses Rabita mentor Zoran Gajic. “However, if we can play our best next week in Turkey as we shall do, we still have a chance to continue our campaign”. “We played a good match but to be honest we did not reckon with such a result. This victory makes us very happy” concludes Fenerbahce captain Seda Tokatlioglu.


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I am Doğancan Çetin . I was born on 18 march 1991 in Çanakkale. I visited the primary school and the high school in Çanakkale. Now I am studying tourism and hospitality management at Uludağ University in Bursa. Beside my department i will improve myself in social domain.

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