Fenerbahce makes it to final four for third consecutive season

Istanbul, Turkey, February 29, 2012. Fenerbahce Universal ISTANBUL downed once again the 2011 club world champions of Rabita BAKU in front of a massive crowd of 5’200 fans at “Burhan Felek” Volleyball Hall to pocket a ticket to the final four of the 2012 CEV Volleyball Champions League that is scheduled for next March 24-25 in Azerbaijan’s capital city. That was the second consecutive 3:0 win (25-20, 25-17, 25-20) for Fenerbahce after the previous match in Baku had ended with the same score.
Rabita had to recover from that shocking home defeat from last week and opened pretty well by going up 8:7 at the first technical time-out of the opening set; however, some errors of Natalya Mammadova turned the charts around and Fenerbahce quickly got control of the operations with Korean star Kim Yeon-Koung scoring 8 points all alone in this section of the game.
Fenerbahce trailed 2:5 in set 2 but drew level at 6 all before US American Logan Tom contributed a great break moving the score up to 16:10 for the home side, paving the way for the final 25-17 for the so-called “yellow angels”.
The hosts opened strong in set 3 (6:3) but Rabita bounced back to level at 11 and go up 14:11 before Fenerbahce restored its dominance and could finish it off in straight sets (25-20) with Kim amassing a total of 23 points in the game.
“Tonight we did a good job and routed our opponents, but we still have to improve the quality of our game for the final four” singled out a happy head coach Zé Roberto.
“Although they have some great players, we have improved much since the start of the season and have become a real team. My teammates deserve a lot of praise for what they did tonight” said team captain Seda Tokatlioglu.

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